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Helenbergh Unveiled Its Corporate Image IP for the First Time Chief Health Experience Officer “Haixiaobao” Made His Debut


[ 摘要 ]At 10:00 a.m. on May 20, a number of mysterious eggs in Wuxi, Taizhou, Kunming, Huizhou, Jinan and Wuhan “hatched” at the same time. Helenbergh broadcast this “hatching” process via short video on...

At 10:00 a.m. on May 20, a number of mysterious eggs in Wuxi, Taizhou, Kunming, Huizhou, Jinan and Wuhan “hatched” at the same time. Helenbergh broadcast this “hatching” process via short video on multiple online live broadcast platforms to announce the official debut of "Haixiaobao", the corporate image IP and chief health experience officer of Helenbergh. The event brought answers to the recent suspense of "mysterious eggs landing from the sky in multiple places".


The birth of Haixiaobao – conveying five brand connotations


The design of Haixiaobao lasted for half a year. After multiple rounds of review and selection in the competition among 18 creative design institutions and individual designers in China, the initial image of Haixiaobao IP was finalized from 21 design schemes, and later, after being modified several times, it was finally released on the special date of "May 20". The designed image of Haixiaobao is a kid who loves adventures and sports. The prototype came from the fantastic transformation of a dolphin and a spray. The blue dolphin hat he wears shows the dynamic image of the dolphin jumping up freely in the waves, the tail is slightly tilted upward, and there is a naughty smile on his face, full of vitality, representing wisdom, health, vitality and positive energy.


Haixiaobao's image conveys Helenbergh's "youthful" corporate image. As Helenbergh’s "chief health experience officer", Haixiaobao represents five connotations of "health", "sports", "wisdom", "warmth", and "care" in corresponding special images. By utilizing the humanized brand image of its chief health experience officer Haixiaobao, Helenbergh hopes to extract distinct memory points of its brand to build up its reputation as a "leader of healthy living environments".

"Health" Haixiaobao, dressed in green clothes, is a "strict" chief health experience officer. He advocates the concept of healthy living and aims to bring healthy living and healthy lifestyles to more people.

"Wisdom" Haixiaobao is a geek, with super intelligence and super memory. His recent research topic is how to use artificial intelligence to make daily life better;

"Sports" Haixiaobao is a vigorous all-round sports enthusiast, whose life motto is "life lies in sports";

"Warmth" Haixiaobao is a gentle ambassador of love, who brings more warmth for people in need; "Care" Haixiaobao is an all-round housekeeper of life, who always remembers the principle of “attentive service & good life” and serves the daily life of home owners whole-heartedly.

The five connotations conveyed by Haixiaobao also represent Helenbergh’s new thinking on brand concepts and customer relationships, and are in line with the concept of "Health+ 2.0" of Helenbergh's residential system. Helenbergh first proposed the concept of "Health+" in 2016 and launched the "Health+ Residential System" in 2017. In 2018, its iterative product "Health+ 2.0" was launched, paying more attention to customers' life and the construction of public areas in residential communities. It is specifically divided into five aspects: architectural design, landscape design, interior design, intelligent system and service, highlighting health and ecological characteristics. Through the ten major standards of healthy life experience, 48 value points and 169 details, Helenbergh builds an ideal residential system that covers the whole community, the whole family, and the whole life, with a view to creating a living environment that integrates fashion, nature, green health and intelligent life. In 2019, Helenbergh joined hands with We Doctor to launch Hi+ health. Through the "online+offline" and "general practice+specialty" new medical and health service mode, it provides residents with a better and more comfortable new experience of healthy life. In 2020, "Health+ 2.0" will be fully implemented in the all-new improved product line "Jiuyue series" of Helenbergh.


The “Care” and “Warmth” images of Haixiaobao represent the initial intention of Helenbergh as a responsible real estate enterprise: "attentive service & good life". For more than 20 years, Helenbergh has been committed to charity, carrying out nationwide charity projects such as education and grants, targeted poverty alleviation, respecting the elderly and helping the elderly, and major natural disaster relief efforts. In early 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, Helenbergh quickly joined the ranks of people and entities going to Wuhan to support frontline medical staff. Later, a plan entitled "Watch the Spring 2020 – Pay Tribute to Our Guardians" was launched nationwide, with the theme of "you protect the world, we protect you", which marked Helenbergh’s full participation in the fight against the epidemic. A total of 63 projects in 22 cities were fully involved. Because of Helenbergh's active performance in the fight against the epidemic, it was selected into the "List of Contributions Made by the Real Estate Industry to the Fight Against the Epidemic in 2020".


The simultaneous launch in six cities across five regions shows Helenbergh’s nationwide presence


The debut of Haixiaobao also conveyed profound meanings. On May 17, Helenbergh air-landed huge mysterious eggs (3-5m tall) in Wuxi, Taizhou, Kunming, Huizhou, Jinan, and Wuhan all at once, attracting huge attention from local citizens. People began to talk about “huge mysterious eggs landing from the sky in multiple places” on the Internet. Their curiosity reached a climax when Helenbergh released countdown posters.

The design of these giant eggs in six cities implies mysterious significance, which is closely related to the connotations of Haixiaobao. The giant egg in Jinan showcased a strong sense of technology and the future. On the day of the activity, with dynamic music, the egg automatically split open, and Haixiaobao was born from it, exemplifying the "wisdom" connotation of the chief health experience officer. The giant eggs in Kunming and Taizhou followed the path of "health". The appearance of the egg in Kunming adopted a classic element with strong Yunnan characteristics - peacock feather pattern as the main design element, which implies a good and healthy lifestyle. A small green exhibition hall was set up inside to embody the concept of Health+ 2.0. The egg pattern in Wuhan featured colored drawings under the theme of fighting the epidemic and supporting Wuhan, which showed Helenbergh’s solidarity with the heroic citizens of Wuhan. It also conveyed Helenbergh’s hopes of bringing warmth and comfort to Wuhan after the epidemic, which reflected the connotation of “Warmth” of Haixiaobao. In Huizhou, Haixiaobao appeared in the "Care" image, representing the fact that over the past 13 years of Helenbergh’s presence in Huizhou, it has brought quality residential services to 20 quality project customers. In Wuxi, Haixiaobao unleashed his vigorous sports attribute in a spectacular flash-mob activity.

So far, Helenbergh has successfully entered the five core city clusters of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Jing-Jin-Ji, Central China and West China, which are the fastest-growing regions in China. At present, Helenbergh has 154 projects in different development stages in China, with a land reserve area of about 27.92 million square meters, covering 40 cities in 13 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Helenbergh chose six cities in five regions, i.e. Wuxi, Taizhou, Kunming, Huizhou, Jinan and Wuhan, to build momentum for Haixiaobao's "birth", which also demonstrated the company’s nationwide strategic presence. The launch of Haixiaobao also reflects Helenbergh's initial intention of sticking to healthy living. In the future, as the chief health experience officer, Haixiaobao will continue to pass on Helenbergh's spirit of ingenuity, the concept of "Health+", and the brand connotations of "Flourish with you", to create healthy and beautiful living environments for more people.