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Helenbergh Listed in “Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers ”


[ 摘要 ]On March 18, 2020, the “AssessmentResults of 2020 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers” jointly held by the China Real Estate Industrial Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center of Sha...

On March 18, 2020, the “AssessmentResults of 2020 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers” jointly held by the China Real Estate Industrial Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center of Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute were officially released. This year marks the 12th anniversary of this assessment. Widely-acknowledged in the industry for its professionalism and authoritativeness, the assessment resultshave been major standards to assess the comprehensive strength and industrial positioning of the real estate developers. 

Helenbergh makes itself into the list

with its prospective investment, steady profitability, and coordinated development of diverse businesses.

“2020 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers”

“2020 Best 10 of Development Potential of China Real Estate Developers”

“2020 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers in Terms of Commercial Real Estate Comprehensive Strength”

▲Certificate for “2020 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers”



▲Certificate for “2020 Best 10 of Development Potential of China Real Estate Developers”


Accuratetiming with national presence and quality land reserve

Rough statistics show that, after 22 years of development, Helenbergh has launched more than 150 projects at different development stages in 37 cities of 12 provinces and municipalities, including the Pearl River Delta Region, Yangtze River Delta Region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and West China Region. The prospective investment of Helenbergh has maintained the steady growth of Helenbergh.

Take the Pearl River Delta Region for example. Helenbergh has extended its presence in ten cities, including Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, etc. These cities of the Pearl River Delta Region have been included in the strategic planning of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”. The land reserve of Helenbergh has reached 40%, and the value of the land reserve has exceeded 100 billion yuan. In 2019, the launch of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” delivered a strong development signal. The future development of Helenbergh would benefit from the promising future of the Great Bay Area.

Starting from Guangzhou, Helenbergh would further extend its reachto other regions, particularly paying close attention to regions or areas with policy support, such as the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area”, “Hangzhou Bay Region” and “Yangtze River Economic Belt”. Through nationwide strategic planning and regional focused investment strategies, Helenbergh would further expand its business in different regions. In 2013, Helenbergh started its projects in Shanghai, which marked the beginning of its market expansion in the Yangtze River Delta Region. Subsequently, the business map of Helenbergh has been expanding. Currently, Helenbergh has covered more than 13 cities in the Yangtze River Delta, and has 29 projects of different sectors. Apart from the steady business promotion in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, Helenbergh also launched its projects in Jinan (a city of Shandong Province), Jinzhou (a city of Hubei Province), Jiujiang (a city of Jiangxi Province), etc.


Recognition of multiple international institutions, and outstanding financing capability

In addition to constant optimization of land reserve, the comprehensive financial performance of Helenbergh in 2019 was impressive, winning recognition from multiple international institutions. In May 2019, the international authoritative credit rating institution, Moody, gave Helenbergh a “B2” rating. The other internationally authoritative credit rating institution, Fitch Ratings, confirmed the International Depository Receipt(IDR)of Helenbergh as “B+”, and its prospect as “steady”. This has been the second year that Helenberghhas won the rating. In October 2019, Fitch Ratings gave Helenberghthe same rating again, thinking that the ample and diverse land reserve, steadily improving profitability and improvement of financial transparency suffice to support this rating.

The recognition of multiple international rating institutions is also beneficial for Helenbergh’s optimization of its debt structure through diverse financing channels. Since 2019, Helenbergh has maintained a favorable financing level, and in October 2019, it successfully issued USD 300 million of two-year seniorunsecured bonds, whose nominal interest rate was 12.875%. In January 2020, USD 250 million of senior unsecured bonds were issued, and the earning rate of the additional issue was 12.25%.


Focus on core residential business and pursuit of business diversification

With residential property as its core business, Helenbergh has also explored the development of commercial property, and innovativetechnology park.

In terms of residential property, Helenbergh, through its standardized project management system, has developed six residential product lines, includingGolden Time Series, , Helen International Series, Bay Series ,Helen Spring Series, Love-ME Series, and Helen Town Series. These product series coverdifferent forms and grades of residences .

Since 2016, Helenbergh has started gradually improving its product lineups through improvement of its customer research, product planning and design capability. In 2016, Helenbergh proposed the concept of “Health+”. In 2017, Helenbergh launched the “Health+ Residential System”, including “Health+Ecology Planning”, “Health+ Boutique Residence”, “Health+ Intelligent Community”. In 2018, its product “Health+ 2.0” was released, which would be comprehensively implemented in the brand-new improved product line “Joyous Series”.

In terms of commercial property, Helenbergh positions itself as the “urban business circle creator’, having created the one-stop shopping mall and the comprehensive medium-and high-end business complex, “Helen World”, multifunctional business center “Helen City”, and community shopping mall “Helen Park”. These three different product lines can cover shopping needs of residents in different cities, and further enhance the spacevalue. Currently, Helenbergh has 15 business products, either underway or already put into use, in China. The first “Helen City” was opened in Nanjing in 2008.

The diverse businessesof Helenbergh also include the innovativetechnology parks. Helenbergh defines these parks as “industrial incubators”. By focusing on fields, including innovative technologies, e-commerce, culture and creativity, Helenbergh has designed, developed and operated comprehensive innovative technology parks in suburbs, which are committed to promoting prosperity of new-and high tech or “new economy” companies, boosting the development of district economy, and facilitating the city development.


Implementation ofsocial responsibilities and active participation in epidemic prevention and control

Keeping a close eye on public issues, Helenbergh actively implements its corporate social responsibility. Apart from steadily moving forward conventional projects for public good, Helenbergh has joined the efforts to fight the COVID-19 following its outbreak. On January 26 when the epidemic just broke out, Helenbergh donated 5 million yuan to the Wuhan Municipal Charity General Assembly, which would be used to fund efforts of Wuhan and its surrounding cities to fight the epidemic. On February 5, Helenbergh coordinated resources from various sourcesagain, purchasing 276,560 gauze masks for surgical use and N95 gauze masks, and 40,000 pairs of surgical gloves. Through the Hubei Provincial Charity General Assembly, Helenbergh donated these medical supplies to Huazhong University of Science and Technology Affiliated Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan No. 9 Hospital, Hubei Ezhou Gedian Health Center, and Hubei Jingzhou District TCM to support the epidemic prevention and controlat theforefront .

On February 14, Helenbergh launched the “Salute to guardians” Plan, which included 63 projects in 22 cities to donate supplies for the forefront fighters, and deliver healthy food through non-contact delivery in several cities. Additionally, Helenbergh worked with We Doctor Group to provide online free consultation of COVID-19. Because of the proactive actions in this epidemic prevention and control, Helenbergh made itself into the “Anti-COVID-19 Donation List of the Real Estate Industry 2020”.


This article is compiled based on multiple media reports.