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Good News | Helenbergh China Holdings Limited ranks No. 39 in “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers”


[ 摘要 ]On March 17, 2020, the “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers Research Finding Press Conference and 17th China Top 100 Real Estate Developers’ Entrepreneurial Summit” were held in Beijing. The ...

On March 17, 2020, the “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers Research Finding Press Conference and 17th China Top 100 Real Estate Developers’ Entrepreneurial Summit” were held in Beijing. The research group comprehensively and objectively assessed real estate developers’ comprehensive strength from seven dimensions, including “Scale”, “Profitability”, “Growth Potential”, “Finance Stability”, “Financing Capability”, “Operating Efficiency”, “Social Responsibility”, etc., attempting to guide real estate developers to constantly optimize their development model and promote the sound and healthy development of the real estate industry. Helenbergh China Holdings Limited, with its continuous and steady development and strong growth potential, was re-selected as one of the “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers”, “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers – Top 10 Developers in Terms of Growth”, and “2020 China Top 50 Commercial Real Estate Developers”.   

 Certificate of “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers”


Certificate of “2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers – Top 10 Developers in Terms of Growth”


The “China Top 10 Real Estate Developers Research Team” has, since 2004, studied the top 100 real estate developers in China for 17 consecutive years. By closely following the development trend of the real estate industry, and deeply examining the operation rules of real estate enterprises, the Research Team has played a significant role in boosting sound operation of the real estate industry and accelerating real estate enterprises’ development. Relevant research findings of the Research Team have been widely acknowledged as major basis to assess the business strength and position of real estate enterprises in the industry.


By sticking to the development strategy of national presence and focused regional development, Helenbergh China Holdings Limited (Helenbergh) has made good use of opportunities to constantly expand and innovate its strategy, covering three sectors, including residential property, commercial property and creative technological park, and establishing a foothold in five core city clusters, including the Pearl River Delta Region, Yangtze River Delta Region, Jng-Jin-Ji Region, Central China Region, and Western China Region. By September 30, 2019, Helenbergh has launched nearly 140 real estate projects in nearly 40 cities, with its land reserve being around 26.29 million square meters.

In terms of residential development, Helenbergh resorts to the “Health+” product strategy to create a brand-new and improved product line, “Joyous Series”. So far, Helenbergh has developed six classical product lines, including “Golden Time Series”, “Bay Series”, “Helen International Series”, “Helen Spring Series”, “Love-ME Series”, and “Helen Town Series”.

In terms of business operation, Helenbergh adheres to the brand concept of “more surprises, more imagination” to constantly strengthen its core competitiveness in shopping mall operation and management. In multiple cities around China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu and Nanjing, Helenbergh has set up three commercial product lines, including “Helen World”, “Helen City”, and “Helen Park”.


Introducing “Health+ Residence System” pioneeringly for a healthy human life

Helenbergh has been exploring the balance and coexistence between the architecture and era, community and city, residents and nature, so as to provide healthy and intelligent residential products for every city and every family in the future. This has been the long-held dream of Helenbergh for it to set up the “Health+ Residential System”.

In 2016, Helenbergh launched the “Health+” product strategy, and proposed the concept of “healthy residence”. In 2017, Helenbergh released the “Health+ Residential System”, applying the “Health+” product standard to multiple projects. In 2018, Helenbergh, in response to the upgrade of residential experience in the new era, has upgraded and improved the product system from three dimensions, including product idea, spatial design and life creation, to launch the “Health+2.0 Residential System” to cover three upgrade proposals, five health value systems, and ten healthy living experience standards. Additionally, the “Hi+ Healthy House ” is introduced, aiming at creating a residential area integrating fashion, nature, eco-friendliness, health and intelligence, and endowing the healthy and intelligent life with more value. 

 “6-Heart Life Service System” to create wonderful living scenarios

Based on its business structure, Helenbergh has sought constant upgrade of its products and services to present Helenbergh “heart-style” living experience for residents. The “6-Heart Life Service System” outlines a more vivid and three-dimensional service scenario for residents from house visit to settlement through 6 customer perspectives, 30 key contact points, and 84 standard services.


Focusing on public welfare and implementing corporate social responsibilities

Helenbergh has made unremitting efforts to implement its corporate social responsibility. “Helenbergh Education” aims at helping thousands of students realize their dream of further study. “Helenbergh Shelter” supports the development of Jinggangshan in terms of industrial development, infrastructure construction and educational grants. “Helenbergh Action” has organized more than 1,000 volunteers (staff) to enrich the life of elders. “Helenbergh Kindness” has made a quick response to the COVID-19 by donating money and medical supplies, and organizing voluntary teams nationwide to contribute its share to win this war against the epidemic.