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To Alleviate Burden from the Epidemic, Helenbergh Launches “Online Free Medical Consultation” with We Doctor


[ 摘要 ]Recently, the prevention and control of COVID-19 nationwide comes to the crucial moment. Considering the public demands for medical attention amid the outbreak, on February 14, Helenbergh joined hands...

Recently, the prevention and control of COVID-19 nationwide comes to the crucial moment. Considering the public demands for medical attention amid the outbreak, on February 14, Helenbergh joined hands with We Doctor to launch “online free medical consultation” which is accessed to the We Doctor Internet General Hospital Assistance Platform, so as to allow the public to enjoy professional online medical services at home, avoid the cross-infection caused by a large number of patients who suffer from common cold and rush to hospitals to consume medical resources, alleviate pressure on offline hospital medical resources and ease the panic of the public, so that the burden caused by the epidemic can be lightened.

This time, the “online free medical consultation” co-launched by Helenbergh and We Doctor gives full play to the online medical service advantages of We Doctor Internet General Hospital, provides remote medical service, real-time epidemic updates, epidemic prevention and control knowledge for the public. The platform has been launched in the official WeChat account of Helenbergh and its 46 official WeChat accounts of its companies in different regions and cities nationwide. Through visiting the above official account, users click on “free medical consultation” menu bar to enter the online free medical consultation page of We Doctor and click on “free online expert consultant” in the “anti-COVID-19 section” to jump to questionnaire before consulting. After filling in the questionnaire and submitting, doctors are arranged for online consultation. 


Currently, the platform has over 35,000 experts from pneumology departments, infections departments, internal medicine departments mainly from Grade III Level A hospitals. “Anti-COVID-19 Section” provides online free medical consultation which offers 7/24 medical consultation within 3-minute response time from professional doctors nationwide, so that the patients can consult doctors from respiratory medicine departments and infections departments without going out. They can describe health conditions and symptoms and obtain answers from doctors to effectively avoid the spread of virus and cross-infection. The mental health section provides self-testing and free psychological counseling service for front-line doctors and patients, alleviate tension and anxiety of the public in the epidemic area. “Epidemic updates” column updates the real-time epidemic information across the country to facilitate users to learn about the fight against epidemic nationwide; “epidemic prevention” column shares the latest prevention information of COVID-19 and relevant medical knowledge to help users learn about the epidemic prevention knowledge of COVID-19.

The “Online Free Medical Consultation” co-launched by Helenbergh and We Doctor is also one of the “anti-epidemic” actions of “Spring Action 2020- Tribute to the Guardians” plan launched on February 14 nationwide. Through free online medical consultation, Helenbergh joined the diseas fighters to race against the clock to assist in the epidemic control, guard the health of people across the country and contribute to the victory of the battle against the epidemic. As of 12am of February 17, the platform has provided medical consultation services for 1344495 cases with the accumulated 108110401 views. In addition, Helenbergh will invite professional psychologists to offer online mental health lecture on epidemic prevention and control through live broadcasting in WeChat class group to explain the basic knowledge and epidemic prevention mental knowledge for the epidemic prevention, ease the panics and help people face the epidemic, make scientific prevention with positive altitude. Please stay tuned.

Established in 2010, We Doctor Group established the first Internet hospital nationwide. On January 23, 2020, We Doctor Group rushed to establish We Doctor Internet General Hospital Respiration Center and worked with Health Communication Working Committee of China Medical Doctor Association, CPAM Internet Medical Branch and other institutions to launch “COVID-19 Real-time Assistance Platform” to provide real-time broadcasting, free online consultation, mental health consultation, suspected cases reporting, medical instruments donation and other services for users. Currently, over 35,000 doctors nationwide have been organized to offer online free medical consultation service, receiving over 1.34 million visits.