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Helenbergh Honored as “2019 China Real Estate Brand Value Top 20”


[ 摘要 ]On September 10, 2019, the “2019 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Results Press Conference & 16thSummit Forum on China Real Estate Brand Development”was successfully held in Beijing by the...

On September 10, 2019, the “2019 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Results Press Conference & 16th Summit Forum on China Real Estate Brand Development” was successfully held in Beijing by the “China Real Estate Top 10 Research Team” composed of three research institutions, namely the Enterprise Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, the Real Estate Institute of Tsinghua University and China Index Academy.

China Real Estate Top 10 research team has carried out researches on the values of Chinese real estate brands for 16 years on end since 2004. In the past 16 years, the research team has deeply mined the success factors of real estate brands, actively explored the sustainable development path of Chinese real estate brands, whose research fruits have attracted wide attention from all quarters of society, playing an important role in enhancing their brand image, accumulating their brand assets and solidifying their industrial status.

At the meeting, Helenbergh received the award of “2019 China Real Estate Brand Value Top 20 (mixed all 11-20)”, which was an honor won by Helenbergh for years on end and reflected the powerful and comprehensive brand strength of the enterprise.

Picture: The certificate of award

Established in 1998, Helenbergh China Holdings Limited (Helenbergh) has developed steadily for 21 years and distributed its business in five key urban agglomerations with the strongest growth potential in China, including the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Jing-Jin-Ji Region, the Central China Economic Region and the Western China Region, with its presence in over 30 cities across China. While building quality residential environment for the customers, Helenbergh is also enthusiastic in social welfare, working hard to constantly promote the harmonious development of cities and realize a continuous growth of brand values.

Picture: National distribution map of Helenbergh

Effectively enhancing the brand’s regional coverage through a national strategic layout

In terms of land expansion, Helenbergh has adopted a strategy of national distribution and regional focus and always adhered to the strategy of extending outward from the core of first and second tier cities, of which the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau great bay area is where the company is headquartered, and the land reserve accounts for over 40%. Through an investment strategy focused on regions, a prudent policy on land purchase, diversified methods of land purchase and a land purchase team with rich experience, the company gains land reserve with a high quality and a cost competitiveness and achieves a long-term development, effectively enhancing the brand’s strong regional coverage and popularity.

“Health+” empowers products and boosts the rise of brand value

As a real estate representing quality residences, Helenbergh has constantly expanded customers’ imagination of housing and residences and implemented the philosophy of “centering around customers” throughout the development chain of real estate. It believes that health is the kernel of happy life. Adhering to the “Health+” product strategy, it has built a brand new residential system “Health+ 2.0 residential system” on the basis of “Health+ residential system”. Through ten healthy life experience standards, it has built an ideal residential system covering the whole community, the whole family and all life scenes, with an aim to create a living community integrating fashion and nature, greenness and health, and smart life, maximize the ecological values of habitats and achieve a sustainable development of residential health.

Other than focusing on building quality residential environment, Helenbergh also attaches great importance to customer care and has proposed a unique “6H wholehearted life service system” to fully enhance the service experience of customers.

Picture: 6H wholehearted life service system

Enriching the brand’s business chain with the systems of three business segments

After many years of accumulation and development, Helenbergh has developed an insight into the demands of customers and applied the standardized project management system to customize six standardized series of residential properties for different customers, including Golden Time series, Helen International series, Bay series, Helen Spring series, Love-Me series and Helen Town series, trying to improve the quality of products and strengthen the competitiveness at the source.

In addition, Helenbergh keeps searching for new chances in different fields and expanding its business distribution in the fields of commercial and creative technology parks. It has successfully built three business brands “Helen World, Helen City and Helen Park”. By the end of January 2019, Helenbergh has completed dozens of commercial properties and one creative technology park. And another five commercial properties and one creative technology park are under development.

Continuously launching social welfare actions to promote the image of the enterprise as a positive brand

While its development keeps developing rapidly, Helenbergh has kept repaying the society and growing together with it. Under the tenet of “supporting education, poverty alleviation and relief, advocating corporate citizenship responsibility, love makes tomorrow better”, it has continuously launched social welfare actions and assumed its social responsibility and carried on the public welfare with actions. So far it has managed to carry out four charity programs, Helenbergh Shelter, Helenbergh Education, Helenbergh Kindness, and Helenbergh Action.


After growing for 21 years, Helenbergh has realized a rapid development based on its business philosophy of “exploration and innovation in pursuit of excellence”. In the future, it will further deepen its brand image, implement its philosophy of “centering around customers” throughout its development chain of real estate, with an aim to become an expert in the field of healthy residence products and achieve a sustainable growth in its brand values.