Social Responsibility

  Apart from its efforts for developing and growing the business, Helenbergh also believes in growing together with the society. With "promoting education, helping the poor, advocating corporate civic responsibility, with love to make tomorrow a better day" as our mission, and "with money, heart and emotion" as our work ideology, it has successfully carried out four kinds of charity projects, namely, Helenbergh Shelter, Helenbergh Education, Helenbergh Kindness and Helenbergh Action.

Helenbergh Education

As a nationwide campaign to help the needy students realize their dream of attending schools, this project has helped countless students to change their lives through education, which has gained recognition and appreciations from the local governments, schools, students and social media. 

Helenbergh Shelter

In response to the Party's call, this project has set up a special working group to work for poverty alleviation, and signed a one-to-one assistance agreement with the Dongshang Township government in Jinggangshan City to support Dongshang Township’s development in terms of industrial development and infrastructure construction.

Industrial Development: combined with the actual situation and foundation of Dongshang Township in Jinggangshan City, this project promotes the local development of honey industry, including beehive donation, professional talent export and introduction, factory construction, product packaging, market sales, etc. contributing to every chain of the industry. Besides, it makes use of product sales to return to the local region to help promote sustainable development of the industry and local public welfare.

Infrastructure Construction: Facing the water scarcity problem in Dongshang Township in Jinggangshan City, we have helped the Township develop water supply project and successfully solved the drinking water problem of the local residents.


Helenbergh Action

Respecting the elderly people is the well-known tradition of China. We have been working for more than 10 years to support the elderly people by regularly organizing staff visits to the elderly in welfare homes, caring for them, and helping them in every possible way. We have tried to help the elderly solve their difficulties in life, accompany them in spare time and give them the feel of love, warmth and the care of the society.

Helenbergh Kindness

Natural disasters are merciless but human beings are affectionate. In the face of natural disasters, we provided support and assistance to people in the disaster areas generously. In the process of assistance providing, the company's employees have joined the team of love ambassadors, spreading the concept of charity, transferring the love power, and trying to make tomorrow a better day with the action of love.