It focuses on providing customers and owners with quality services, constantly optimizing service standards, improving service levels, and while improving basic services, focuses its business more on management intelligent promotion, in a bid to provide owners with more convenient and intimate value-added services.

With the concept of "warm service", it creates the "HI Home" APP of comprehensive life service platform to create wise, convent and thoughtful community service; through the "Helenbergh Club" quality life platform, it returns care with better service to all people who support Helenbergh.

Service Concept
Harmonious • moderate • warm

· Based on the exploration and innovation of the service mode, Helenbergh advocates the harmonious and moderate family service and the concept of "warm service".

· With warm service, it pays more attention to the needs of residents, deeply understands the real expectations of the people, focuses on the timely and appropriate detail quality, and bridges the gap with the customers, so as to create a more humanized living space from the bottom of heart.

· Helenbergh strives to promote the construction of harmonious neighborhood relationship, advocates a new type of harmonious, moderate and warm neighborhood relationship, and builds a living culture with a strong sense of belonging by relying on the community culture of scale and brand.

National service supervision hotline:4008-168-580  

Intelligent Community

By means of informatization, the technology application platform of intelligent community management, intimate service and life information is constructed to provide owners with humanized new cross-border integration services.

• "HI Home" mobile phone APP of community service: We receive all kinds of customer requests through the application, and respond in the shortest possible time; the "one-click solution", integrating the community shopping, domestic service and information release in one device, enables owners to enjoy a full range of convenient services without leaving home.

• Intelligent community security system: Supported by the theory of scientific layout and construction, it is an unified intelligent management platform, which realizes the intelligent access control, information bayonet, mobile patrol, video surveillance, alarm and joint defense in all directions; achieves unified data collection and unified management; and improves the sense of security and satisfaction among the community residents.

Helenbergh Club

With the commitment to creating a high-quality life for the members, Helenbergh Club, a non-profit club, is especially established for Helenberg owners and customers with a host of quality value-added services for their long-term support and trust of Helenberg. Its members can not only obtain group information and real estate information, but also can enjoy the online and offline feedback activities and exclusive discounts for members.